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Irreplaceable Possessions


Guarding: We are able to offer highly-trained and experienced security guards to protect your property and other assets from criminals. We can also provide security guards for events big and small, shop security guards and CCTV operators. We have a Ultra Modern Safe secured vault with high tech standard safe to guard your valuables properties. E.g., Gold, diamonds and special documents E.t.c.

CCTV Solutions: The Holding asset vault CCTV division can offer round-the-clock monitoring of your assets. All our staff are up-to-speed with the latest technology and trained to deliver the highest level of service to all our clients.

Security Courses: We also provide a wide range of security training courses, including SIA door supervisor training.


We offer highly range protective Express diplomatic shipment with covered with special diplomatic immunities.
It gives the privilege of an Express door-step delivery to any part of the world with special international insurance cover and Diplomatic cover specific diplomatic bags.


Data Storage

Data Storage

Secure off-site data storage is crucial in protecting the intellectual property of your company. Atlas Delivery Service. Vaults differentiates itself from its competitors by allowing you to take control of your data. Your data is stored within individual safe deposit boxes that are easily accessible by your staff. You can be guaranteed that your data is not stored with other companiesí information in one large holding room.

This also allows you to access your data when you require it without being dependent upon a third party and unreliable courier companies. Our Gold Card Membership allows unlimited access during office hours and Saturday mornings (see calendar for opening days and hours). Four registered users can access your safe deposit consignment for one annual fee which depends on the item you are safeguarding.

Atlas Delivery Service. Vaults offers you the ultimate in secure off-site data storage without the excessive access and courier charges that you may be currently incurring.


Sophisticated Security Facility.

Atlas Delivery Service. Vault has numerous sophisticated systems that enhance the security
of the Facility, purposely designed so that you will trust us to provide you with:

*storage of personal irreplaceable valuables in safety deposit boxes

*storage of larger items in deposit lockers or cabinets

*storage of paintings and fine art

*storage of confidential corporate documents and data

*storage of personal safes and filing cabinets

*storage of investment wine

*wine aging facility

*private viewing of stored items in secured rooms

*use of a Data Information Crisis Management Centre



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