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Keeping It Safe, Secure & Secret

Our safe deposit boxes come in four convenient sizes. Atlas Delivery Service. Vaults provides you with the internal locked box/bond box. When accessing your safe deposit box, there are various benches located throughout the vault itself or alternatively you can use one of the private viewing rooms. The viewing rooms are camera free and give you total privacy.

You receive the only two keys to your safe deposit box together with an individual security access code for each person registered to access the safe deposit box. Atlas Delivery Service. Vaults does not keep a copy of the safe deposit box keys. Key deposits apply. Please contact the office for further details.

The safe deposit boxes and locks have been manufactured by Kumahira, the door to the safe deposit box is solid stainless steel with no exposed hinges, a dual access key mechanism means that without your key we cannot open your safe deposit box. Each safe deposit box lock is manufactured with two keys only, they are both given to you the client, these keys cannot be copied, we do not hold a master of your key and are all individually coded.

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